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Initial Network Operations Map shows network structure with sites presented as nodes and uWLinks presented as lines.

oTelMasterGIS layers structure is optimized for quick access to relevant data.

uWLinks and Leased Lines vectors line width is modulated with the number of hops or links between near and far end sites.

ouW Links Editor opens all hops between related sites for editing/ inspection.

TelMasterGIS uses two kinds of Map objects;

oPoint objects;

Drawn directly from the database with OSGeo FDO.

Line objects;

oDrawn using spatial SDF files.

SDF Files are updated from TelMaster database using;

Map Server Web API or


Spatial SDF files are updated automatically by interactive network structure altering commands:

o Add New/ Delete/ Update

uW Link

LL Link

User Cable


Move node

TelMasterGIS Network Map is extended with layers of:

oPhysical paths of main Fiber Optics (FO) runs .

oState and coast boundaries and political subdivisions as counties.

oInfrastructure layers as;




oMap overlays with public map providers as;

Open Street Map,

World Topo Map,

DeLorme Map,

Stamen Terrain

Single or multiple Map selections can be a source for related reporting/ editing;

ouW Link Editor,

oNode Editor,

oLL Editor,

oUser Cable Editor,

oConnectivity Diagram for selected nodes.

oExport to Google Earth of selected uW Links.

ouW Transmission Parameters for selected uW Links.

ouW Data Comparison Report for selected uW Links

oLeased Lines cost report for selected LL.

Network attributes are held in the combination of SQL Server database tables and spatial data files - SDF.



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