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Management of all aspects of permits for uWLinks issued by HAKOM agency is an important role of TelMaster.

oPrecise cost of HAKOM Permits for a large number of uWLinks of varying statuses and validity dates is of paramount importance to keep operational expenses under control.

Permits are valid for five years period.

oPermit yearly fee is dependent on hop uW technology and link length.

oPermit fee is paid in monthly installments.

oPermit can be canceled or changed.

HAKOM Permits are received in the form of PDF documents and imported into TelMaster.

oEach permit is uploaded to TelMaster web server folder for further processing that includes;

Extraction of attributes from the permit using PDF import template.

Consolidation of data and saving attributes to TelMaster database.

Manual consolidation of imported attributes with custom permits browser/ editor.

Quick search for permits with hierarchical menus arranged in the following fashion;

Year of the permit issuing date.

oPermit number        

Service region.

oMonth of issuing date.

Permit number

Document viewer for the original HAKOM Permit in PDF form is integrated into the HAKOM Browser.

oOriginal document can be zoomed In within the popup window by clicking on the permission.

Document can be saved or copied with the right click menu.

The HAKOM Permit (HAKOM Dozvola) and  HAKOM OCR Permit (HAKOM OCR Dozvola) forms have the property of adapting the display in accordance with the screen resolution.

HAKOM Permits History is also available from Browser Menu.


Figure 2: Document viewer of the original HAKOM permit integrated into HAKOM permit browser.

Figure 2: Document viewer of the original HAKOM permit integrated into HAKOM permit browser.


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