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Permit life cycle for uW hop  in TelMaster starts with new entry in permit life cycle record (Evidencija) following receipt of permit from state agency HAKOM..

oBasic attributes of permit are entered manually in the permit life cycle record;

Permit number

Permit status

Initial status is Permit received (Dozvola dobijena).

uW Hop endpoints

Reference to TelMaster uW HopID

Hop is imported into TelMaster from radio planning tool (ATOLL).

ouW Hop status can be;

Planned or


Validity date

Workflow flags

Reference to permit data linked by permit number.

Permit attributes are imported into TelMaster from permit PDF document.

Reference to old permits for the same uW hop.

uW network expansions/ rearrangements force changes in uW hops technical parameters, causing  requirement for new permits and cancellation of existing permits.

Typically two permit statuses trigger workflow activities that result in the preparation of automatically generated e-mail notification to HAKOM agency;

oPermit canceled (Dozvola poništena)

ouWLink modification (Izmjena postojeće veze).

TelMaster workflow logic causes proper assignment of attributes/ dates and automate creation of e-mail notification to HAKOM agency for a bunch of selected permits.

oE-mail notification is generated in docx format. Documents consist of three parts;

Header for two types of correspondence.

Dynamically generated (mail merge) lists of permissions for which a change is requested.

oIf the list contains up to 10 permissions it is generated in one column

oIf the list contains more than 10 permissions it is generated in two columns.

The signature part which is the image.


Figure 4: Selection of permits and workflow logic user interface for email notification.

Figure 4: Selection of permits and workflow logic user interface for email notification.


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