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TeleConsult d.o.o. is dynamic company that provides successful IT products and IT/ Telecom services which enable corporations to benefit from the integration of strategies, processes, technologies and people. TeleConsult has a clear mission: “to provide companies and organizations with appropriate solutions so that the corporate strategy is executed successfully.” Your organization is invited to consider TeleConsult as a possible partner to optimize the execution of your BUSINESS.
In an industry driven by change, communications companies have to improve profitability by lowering costs and increasing operational efficiency. Telcos are automating more of their work processes and as a result, are turning to integrated information systems. Often there is a substantial investment in an integrated suite of geospatial applications – geographic information systems (GIS), work management systems (WMS), fleet tracking systems, third-party analysis packages, Operations Support Systems (OSS) and other related Information Systems technologies. The service of a systems integrator becomes a critical prerequisite to the successful implementation of these systems. As a successful systems integrator, TeleConsult focuses on the design, delivery, and maintenance of integrated application suites. This includes the planning, design, implementation, integration, and management of projects that may include AssetsMiner. In addition, many enterprise-wide solutions require integration of the geospatial database with “corporate” systems such as finance and human resources.

Services Whether you are implementing generic CAD/ GIS technologies or enterprise wide Operational Support System (OSS) or next generation WEB GIS – TeleConsult’s experienced consultants provide expert systems integration services and the best project management practices to meet your requirements.
In addition, if you require a custom software development for the Windows platform in a vast range from scientific algorithms, up to advanced data driven web portals, rest assured that our team will suggest, develop and deliver the products in the optimal fashion.
Tools – AssetsMiner geospatial Network Assets Management Tool – is modular WEB GIS based network assets management system applying geospatial technology to support key business and network management/ planning functions. AssetsMiner is the network and facilities management product for documenting, managing, and designing changes to an outside and inside plant model of the communications network.
Fields of Specialization Transmission network planning and implementation in deregulated business environment. Development and implementation of decision support systems and specialized software tools for the telecommunications business including CAD/ GIS systems and computerized mapping. Telecommunications network evolution planning and design using computerized planning tools. Human resources training in the above-mentioned fields. Particular expertise in the training of network planers for large telecommunication networks design. Bespoke software development. Network Optimization Design and optimization of transport networks requires a wide range of tasks, from the identification of existing network structure and its configuration, up to the evaluation of emerging technologies and its capabilities. Given the existing network graph and demand, taking into the account optimization constraints (existing locations, capacities and equipment technology), problem objective is to meet customer specific business goals by balancing competitive optimization criteria, network cost, reliability and solution flexibility. TeleConsult can help in the implementation of above mantioned tasks including the documentation of all active and passive transmission network elements.
Emerging Technologies The communications industry faces continuing cost pressures and government regulations, yet continues to evolve. Technologies such as broadband networks are changing the way the world communicates – presenting greater business development opportunities and a competitive market environment. In the transport layer SDH, IP and optical fiber are able to carry all forms of content across the core networks, removing the need for separate core transport networks. However in the access network, access to small businesses and to the home remains largely service-specific including point-to-point, point-to-multipoint radio, coaxial systems and traditional copper pair. So the access network remains one of the key elements in the modern telecommunication network puzzle requiring large investments The evolution of the access network is unlikely to be uniform because it is strongly influenced by parameters such as existing infrastructure, operator’s requirements, customer requirements and the regulation. In any case TeleConsult will provide you with the optimal mix of expertise and practical know-how in the field of access and core transport network design and implementation. Geospatial Services Service providers are challenged with effectively managing their network facilities to make competent, timely business decisions based on available network and inventory data. Access to accurate geospatial network data enables better service analysis, more accurate network inventory management, integrated marketing and sales activities. WEB GIS tool provides optimal data sharing across the enterprise. The ability to visually locate and manage these valuable assets using a GIS tool allows service providers to easily share information across the enterprise and if required with the business partners, allowing better business decisions to be made.As a geospatial services provider to companies, TeleConsult provides a number of service options to implement, expand, and/or integrate geospatial network management solutions. TeleConsult offers project planning, database design, data migration management, and customization services.